Who writes?

Hi, my name is Marcelo Monte and I have created this blog with the purpose of spreading useful information and to debunk several myths in the health area.  

As a child, I was diagnosed with asthma. I have been through nights running to Emergencies with my parents because one of my regular attacks. I have tried all the typical treatments for this disease: years with allergy shots, inhalers, corticosteroid injections against severe crises, nebulazers and even Brazilian shamans!

The doctors had banned me from physical activity. For a time, I had to go to physical education classes at school wearing the appropriate clothes to do the activity, but I just had to sit and watch others as they were having fun.
Because of this and following the official recommendations about food in the 90s, I had gained a lot of weight. I was one of the chubby guys of my class.
Luckily, at the age of 11-12 the frequency of my attacks had dropped quite a bit and I had started to practice sports more often (I could finally have fun with my friends!). But I was still overweight.
As a teenager I used to do the recommended diets, the typical gym routines and managed to get moderately fit. But with some carelessness (end of year parties or holidays) everything would come back. There were many months of hard work so that in a couple of weeks everything would be ruined. It wasn’t worth it.
With those constant ups and downs, I went through my university years. I was always researching about nutrition and types of training hoping to find some magical, ultimate method. 
That persistent search led me to discover the concept of  “Paleo Nutrition” and training without the classic gym machines but with calisthenics and free weights.
The result was magnificent: I felt more agile and stronger, I could lose fat and gain muscle mass, but above all, I did not experience that frustrating weight regain that made me lose motivation.
But beyond the physical change, I started to value the fact of being healthy. The frequency of colds, allergies, or any other infectious disease had been widely reduced.

I do believe that health is the most important. Some might argue that family and friends are the most important thing, and I agree. But could you enjoy your family or friends if you are sick? Could you do what you are passionate about if you are not healthy? Could you work for your goals without being healthy?

Health come first. If you are in good health, you can enjoy everything around you and that produces happiness.

There are quite a few people who wish to have better health but do little to achieve it thinking it is mainly luck (I often hear “I got X or Y disease, what a bad luck”).

Although chance, more precisely, each one’s genetic background influences the likelihood of suffering certain diseases, there is a lot we can do to enjoy better health. And that “a lot” is simply a set of good habits. Mainly eating, physical activity and psychological habits.

Should we eat less fat and more proteins?, is running 4x per week the best option for your heart?, what is the Paleo Diet?, does Yoga improve your attention and memory?

Read the posts in Salud sin Dogmas and let’s find out, through the analysis of scientific evidence, what is the best you can do for your health and for the people that you care about. 


I am the author and founder of the blog Salud sin Dogmas. I was born in Posadas, a city in the Northeast of Argentina, capital of the Province of Misiones.

I’ve always been interested in health and sports (probably because I couldn’t really enjoy them as a kid) and that’s why I decided to learn about those topics not only formally, but also on my own.

In 2011 I graduated as a Geneticist at the National University of Misiones. 

In 2015 I got my certification as Physical Preparation Teacher and Personal Trainer at the IPEF, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 

In 2018, I obtained a Fitness Instructor Certificate at the Australian College of Sports and Fitness, Brisbane, Australia. 

My main motivation to create this blog is being able to spread useful information based on science and on my own experience about habits to improve health.  

About this topic, there are unfortunately several myths established by:

a. The media presence of a few companies whose main interest is to make profit without worrying about your health.

b. Some biased professionals and some other with good intentions, but outdated.

Hence, it will be a hard battle, but as José Mujica once said, “The impossible just takes a bit more of effort, defeated are only those who let their arms to drop